October Horror Movie Challenge 2013 – week two


I have been awful about blogging the Challenge this year! My apologies. Here’s week two of my views, all in bite-size review form!

Scream 4 – ftv – full review over at Bemused and Nonplussed

Cujo – ftv – not a terrible film, but not a great film, either. The cast saves this from falling completely apart, with both Dee Wallace Stone and Danny Pintauro turning in brave and heart-wrenching performances. The initial attack scene is almost impossible to watch in how terrifying it is, but that shock isn’t enough to carry through to the rest of the film’s lather-rinse-repeat set-pieces.


I feel ya, pooch. I’d be sad too if someone coated me in raspberry sauce and told me not to eat it.

Dead and Buried – ftv – I got to see this for the first time in Chicago at the Patio Theater for their 24-hour horror marathon, The Massacre. Seeing it with a big crowd definitely helps, but this Twilight Zone-esque creepfest boasts a great cast including James Farentino, Melody Anderson (hot off Flash Gordon), and “Grampa Fred” Jack Albertson in a role that would have made Burgess Meredith proud. Also features a young Robert Englund, sans makeup.

April Fool’s Day – repeat – hands down, one of my favorite slasher films, one of my favorite twist endings (I won’t spoil it here or anywhere, in the hopes that it remains unspoiled for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it), one of my favorite casts. I can’t believe there’s a remake of this. I love this movie almost as much as I love pizza.

Now which one are you again? Muffy or Buffy?

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge – ftv – full review at Bemused and Nonplussed

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors – ftv – a superior sequel that completely disregards part 2 and continues the story with Nancy Thompson, now a fresh-faced doctor who studies dreams and their effects on teens. This film also introduces Kristen, who can conveniently pull people into her dreams. And of course, Freddy’s back (does he ever really go away?) for more carnage. NOES 3 contains some of the series’ best kill scenes, including the vein-puppet scene (something I saw as a wee bit that never really left my consciousness) and the “welcome to prime time, bitch!” TV death.

Geez, who does he think he is, Herbert West?!

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master – ftv – beginning with the continuing story of Kristen and the surviving kids from the asylum in the previous film, we get to meet Kristen’s friend Alice, who has some dream skills of her own. Pretty bland, although Lisa Wilcox kicks some ass at the end of the film, which is nice.

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5: The Dream Child – repeat – Alice is back, and now she’s knocked up and ready to battle Freddy once again. This one is weird and I don’t really know where or when I saw this originally, but I still regret it. There are some neat bits where we get to see the beginning of Freddy, although that little runaway fetus was probably all kinds of unnecessary. Also features a scene where a character is transformed into a comic book character, which should automatically cue everyone to sing A-ha’s “Take On Me.”

noes 5
[unintelligible high-pitched screeching]


OHMC tally:

18 first time views
4 repeat views

22 total films watched


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