creepshow doppelgängers

This is a new series I’d like to call “Hey, this chick looks totally like that one chick in Creepshow!”

There is a small section of people in the world that might agree with me, or at the very least find it amusing.

Creepshow doppelgänger case # 1

This chick who played Debra’s psychiatrist in Dexter…..


…..totally looks like Lois Chiles from Creepshow 2’s “The Hitchhiker”

lois10 lois-chiles1

Creepshow doppelgänger case # 2

This chick who was The Door’s Jim Morrison’s muse (and longtime girlfriend)…..


…..totally looks like ‘Rachel’ (ie. Page Hanna, sister to Daryl Hannah) from Creepshow 2’s “The Raft”

page-hannah1 page-hannah2


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