October Challenge 2012 Podcast

The Dreams in the Bitch House Podcast returns! With 20% less rambling! Just press play on the media player above and bask in Halloween-y goodness.

Show notes below the cut.

Our contributors this time out are:
Shelly J., who teaches cultural studies as a secret academy in the frozen north.
Renee K., who makes movies on the side and blogs about gaming.
Christianne B., who is the blogs about movies at Krell Laboratories under a ridiculous pseudonym.
Rev. Anna Dynamite, who has been blogging the challenge here all month.

Here are the show notes for the podcast. We talked about a BUNCH of stuff, but here are the highlights. There’s a lot more:

Summing up our challenge experiences (2:26)
On Howling sequels (11:50
Livide and French Horror (14:16)
Love for Halloween III (24:55)
Game of Werewolves (29:24)
Mario Bava and Dario Argento and Italian horror (37:31)
Save the Portage Theater (52:17) (see below)
Hostel, Torture Porn, and Post modern horror (1:00:04)
Prometheus (1:18:05)
The Innkeepers (1:24:02)

More about Chicago’s Portage Theater:

Note: the sound clips are from, respectively: Halloween, Halloween III, Suspiria, The Innkeepers, and Danger: Diabolik and are used as fair use for the purpose of criticism.


2 Responses to “October Challenge 2012 Podcast”

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