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Netflix Roulette: Necrosis

Posted in Uncategorized on April 26, 2011 by dunyazad

I’ll tell you what, if the random movie generator doesn’t take pity on me soon, I might be chucking the whole “roulette” concept and go back to watching obscure art movies. Movies like Necrosis (2009, directed by Jason Robert Stephens) are demoralizing. It’s the kind of movie that reminds me of those leech branches that grow around the trunks of large trees, leeching the vitality of the tree, only the tree is the horror genre.

The story here is your standard young people in a cabin Evil Dead rip-off, only our trio of bickering couples are haunted by the ghosts of the Donner Party, who, having turned on each other with axes, opened the gates of hell. (Those of you familiar with the tragic history of the Donner Party are probably saying “wait…what?” And you would be right. This would have been better off inventing a fictional history). Having framed this story, for good or for ill, it then loses the plot and veers off into Alfred Packer territory, or, more to the point, The Shining territory. It also occasionally loses track of where its characters are within the geography of the frame.

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Wristcutters: A Love Story Review

Posted in Reviews on April 11, 2011 by aporphyria

An interesting and unique independent film.

An interesting and unique independent but in a slightly similar vein as the films, “What Dreams May Come” and “Defending Your Life”. Based on the book called ‘Kneller’s Happy Campers’ by Etgar Keret.

Shannyn Sossamon, who was in the film, “The Rules of Attraction” written by Brett Easton Ellis, and a more recent film called “Catacombs”, is the character of Mikal. She ends up going on a roadtrip after she meets the main film’s character called Zia, played by Patrick Fugit, who works at a pizza parlor, ironically called ‘Kamikazi’.

The film’s music score is beautiful but there is also music in the film by such bands as Joy Division and Christian Death. Tom Waits actually has a supporting role in the film. A bunch of cassette tapes can be seen. Something that has become obsolete, and hard to find.

Mikal thinks that there had been a mistake in why she was in this purgatory type world. She sets out to find people who are called “P.I.C.”, also known as the People in Charge. Zia is looking for his ex-girlfriend. Everybody will end up finding this person called “The Messiah”, who is supposed to try to perform a miracle a second time but it ends up getting raided by the People in Charge. Several people are grabbed, including Mikal. She yells for Zia to wait. He does but she never shows up.

With loads of cameos, and some cool visual things, this film can leave you fulfilled or disappointed. There are some parts of it that can be boring, and there are some things that are not explained.

Tread lightly, for “Wristcutters: A Love Story” is not a film for the weak. Love, Loss, Suicide. This just you leaves you thinking and wondering: Is that the end?