Hunting Grounds (2008) Review

What is real?

Eric Bilodeau is the writer and director of Hunting Grounds AKA Terre De Chasse. It is his first full length horror film. Its first US showing was at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Oklahoma back in 2008. It was the best film that I saw at the Film Festival. Most of the people involved with this film have never done something like this before but you cannot tell that at all in the film.

Set in the near future, the earth will become environmentally unsafe. A shield will be placed around it, and only certain high up officials will be allowed to actually go outside into nature. A couple of people who can only go outside in virtual games, decide that they really want to see what it would be like if they got outside and went on a hunting trip. Little does anyone know, something is going to happen while these people are on their real hunting trip. And it will effect all of those around them.

The acting wasn’t amateurish, and the kind of visual effects that were used are a different technique and do not look low-budget at all. The sets that were made look very good, and the story was pretty original. This film was made in Canada, and it is mainly in the English language but there are also some scenes where people do speak French. Most of those scenes had subtitles. It is always nice to see horror films from Canada. We don’t get many of them.

I saw the trailer for “Hunting Grounds” before I saw the film and I can tell you this much: this film was not what I expected. Its a unique Sci-Fi Horror that deserves more recognition.


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