The Mist Review

Another Stephen King story brought to the big screen. I love his stories, and them made into movies. It brings the stories in the book, alive. You actually get to really see what you’ve read. And, after seeing The Mist in an actual theater, well, it just made it into the Top 3 of my favorite Stephen King stories made into movies.

I listened to the audio version several years ago. It was like nothing that I have ever heard before when it comes to audio versions of stories. Most are just read but this one was much, much more than that. There were people actually “living” out this story on a cassette tape. I have read over 15 Stephen King books. The Mist wasn’t my favorite short story but after hearing it and how it was played out in the audio version, it was definitely one that I wanted to see made into a movie. And it has been made well.

The one thing that I was wondering about before I actually saw The Mist, was if people were going to think that it was a John Carpenter’s The Fog (1980; and 2005 remake) rip-off. They are so wrong on this one. I am not saying that I didn’t like The Fog or its remake, I am just saying that what happened in each movie is not the same at all, other than there was ‘fog’ in one, and ‘mist’ in the other. Carpenter and King worked on the movie, Christine together, which is my favorite Stephen King story, and one of the best directed movies by John Carpenter in my opinion.

As always, there are elements in this movie that touch on other Stephen King aspects in his other movies and stories. One is at the beginning where Thomas Jane’s character, David, was painting on a canvas. He was painting the character, Roland The Gunslinger who is from another Stephen King book called The Dark Tower. Which is a seven book series by King. It is planned on there being not only a TV series but also movies for the series. I absolutely cannot wait for this to happen. There are a couple of other things regarding these things in the movie but I cannot tell you as it will spoil the entire movie for you.

Now one thing that I didn’t like in The Mist was the fact that they weren’t supposed to have the overhead lights on when the power went out, and when they decided to not keep the generator on. The other thing that I didn’t like in the movie, when it comes to Stephen King novels/movies there always seems to be a person who is a bible-thumper. Marcia Gay Harden’s character named Mrs. Carmody, drove me nuts!

The ending was definitely a surprise. Its not what I expected at all. Its something that is becoming rare in movies lately. Because most of the time you can guess whats going to happen. Which really sucks.

If you are looking for a good movie based off of Stephen King’s works, this is one that you have to see.


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