Girl, Interrupted Review

“Ambivalence – Strong feelings in opposition.”

The real life story, and book by Susanna Kaysen. This film won Angelina Jolie, who plays the character of Lisa, a Supporting Actress Oscar. It is a drama with a girl who ends up staying in a mental health hospital for more than a year, called Claymore. Winona Ryder, who is Susanna, and Whoopi Goldberg, who plays the head nurse, also star in the film. Ryder is the main character, and she does it beautifully.

We are given a glimpse of what it’s like to not only stay in a Mental Health facility, but also the frightening world of having a disorder called “Borderline Personality”, as well as other mental illnesses. Set in the 60’s, where there was a time of war, and a try of peace, this film is a very dramatic piece of art.

Kaysen did something that caused her to end up in a mental hospital. But what she learns, and how she copes, finds her developing friendships, as well as becoming a writer.

There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this film. It was well deserving of several awards and nominations. The director took Kaysen’s book and turned into a great film. Although some things were changed from the book, it didn’t matter. Everything meshed well together.

“Girl, Interrupted” has been one of the most inspiring films when it comes to the world of mental illness. These films, such as “A Beautiful Mind,”  “As Good As It Gets,” and others, are wonderful for those with mental illnesses but also for the world to try to lessen the stigma involved with them. So please see it. It will give you more understanding of what it’s like to suffer from not only Borderline Personality Disorder but mental illness as well.


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