Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010)

For some odd reason, the beginning of the film reminded me of Wolves of Wall Street. I still don’t know why. The 3rd installment of this series, is better than the 2nd, Lost Boys: The Tribe. However, I felt that Corey Feldman was overdoing his character, Edgar. Despite his executive producing, the film is good overall. There are flashbacks from the first film, with the late Corey Haim. I had read something somewhere that Haim was supposed to be in this one but due to his untimely death, the idea for it had to be tossed.

I want to point out that what happens in the comic book store is true. We have one here that doesn’t give shit for comics. The character of Zoe, played by Casey B. Dolan, ends up almost becoming a victim because a vampire comes calling to try to find Edgar. Zoe will end up joining him to kill a vampire named DJ X. This DJ has been having raves all over the world to get people to try a new designer drug aptly named The Thirst.

An author’s brother who’s gone missing, contacts Edgar for his vampire killing services, at his home in San Cazador, California. Her name is Gwen Lieber, and Edgar finds out that her books are based on vampires. At first he basically tells her to go fuck herself but Edgar later decides to do the job since he has been given an eviction notice by the bank due to non-payment. He needs work, or else he will lose his trailer. That’s right – Edgar Frog lives in a trailer.

Edgar and Alan had previously been going all over the country to off vampires but unfortunately, Alan had gotten turned into a vampire during their hunt in Washington, DC. Edgar let him live, and he ends up going to him to ask for help. Alan refuses. Edgar ends up with a gang of unprepared newbies, including some Reality TV Show reject. They track down DJ X, who has Gwen’s brother captive. So they must go to one of these raves, and try to save the writer’s brother. There is a surprise ending too.

The acting was all right, with the exception of what I had said above. It just didn’t feel like the 1st Lost Boys. Sure, the Edgar Frog character is more grown up now but still. Corey should have backed off the seriousness of it a lot. What I had hoped for was a sequel with girls. There was talk about it for a couple of years, and I’m not sure why they decided to not do it. I suppose this one will just have to do. Most think that it was better than the 2nd one anyway.


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