Hellraiser: Hellworld – Turkey Challenge 2010

When I found out that this was going to come out, I was very excited to hear that Lance Henriksen, who has been in many horror films, was going to be the in the final installment (as of this writing) of the Hellraiser films. I’ve always enjoyed seeing Henriksen in films. And as usual, he is nothing but exceptional in this film as well.

An online game called ‘Hellworld’ is addictive, and someone ends up dying but this person’s friends never really figured out why. They will still play the online game. A party will be thrown for people who play the game. The host is Henriksen, and he will fool the ones to blame for the person who died, and take his revenge.

Many people who like the Hellraiser films, place this one at the very bottom. However, as being one of the Hellraiser fans, it is definitely one of the three at the bottom of the barrel but I believe it is more set in a world that we live in now. A lot of people like to play video games, and an idea is – what if an online game could be considered very real?

Unfortunately, as per usual, not much of even Pinhead in this film. Doug Bradley’s character has been declining time and time again. Some interesting things do occur in this film but overall there wasn’t much of the original Hellraiser world even attached to it. This happened with the other Rick Bota Hellraiser sequel, called Deader. But fear not, for there is a remake of the original on the horizon. However, most people will shun at even the thought of yet another remake of one of the most original story ideas brought to film. And trust me – I’m one of them.

So, anyhow… The next time you play an online game, or watch a movie for that matter, be careful – you just might not get what you hoped, or even planned for.


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