Hellraiser: Deader – Turkey Challenge 2010

This is yet another one of the Hellraiser sequels that do not have enough time with the Cenobites, or even fantastic versions of new ones. But it is always a pleasure to see Doug Bradley returning as Pinhead, even if its only briefly. The story could have been better as a stand alone without anything about Hellraiser involved in it. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t even save the film for me.

Director Rick Bota brings us his 2nd attempt, at yet another sequel to Clive Barker’s Hellraiser film. I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Bota’s first Direction of the film Hellseeker but I didn’t enjoy Deader, even on my 2nd viewing. The film’s title, AFTER the word, Hellraiser, is definitely what describes this film. Its Deader than 7 of the 8 Hellraiser films. Kinda ironic, don’t you think? The only exception is the 5th installment, called ‘Inferno’, which I found to be worse than even this one. But this is generally what happens when there are attempts at sequels in general. Not many surpasses the original, nor do films with many sequels surpass the one even before it.

A newspaper reporter, played by Kari Wuhrer, goes in search of a cult in Romania, called Deaders, whose leader seems to be able to bring back the dead. The leader of this so-called cult, is a descendant of the L’ Merchant family. And because of this, he thinks that he is entitled to own the puzzle box. But Pinhead has a surprise in store for him, as well as the newspaper reporter.

What more can I say? Even though the film first takes place in London, and since Clive Barker was originally from England, with this one, I was hoping for more than what I got. But Barker’s main attachment to this film was just the characters, and like I said above, there wasn’t much of them in this film. About the only thing that I can say that I liked was in the film, Wuhrer’s character had to go to the back of one of the trains in the city to meet a guy who knew about the Deaders. Boy! Were there some interesting things that happened on that train! But as I’ve said before, if you are into sequels, then go ahead and watch this one yourself but don’t be surprised if you are disappointed.


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