The Alchemist – Turkey Challenge 2010

Is the past doomed to repeat itself?

Charles Band directed this film in his early days, before Full Moon pictures even existed. It is a story written by Alan J. Adler, about a man who gets cursed by an evil magician because of what happened to the man’s wife. Years later, an old lady tries to save him by removing the curse. Two people unexpectedly get drawn into their lives. Demons get sent out for one of them because that seems to be the only way to save the man who was cursed in the beginning.

Because of my user-name, my comment on the film may be considered biased, but I did have issues with the film. For one, Robert Ginty’s character of Aaron, would growl when he went into his curse ‘mode’. It sounded like a bear or wild animal, and I thought that it was kinda silly. Same with some of the special effects. But there is one similarity to some of Band’s other films that he worked on, or was involved with. The neon/florescent green effect that is in this film is similar to the ones in the films “Doctor Mordrid”, and “Re-Animator” as well. During the end of the story is the best part as far as the special effects in the film go though.

One of the things that I really liked was the fact that in the end credits, Steve Roach is listed as the person who did the synthesized sound effects. He is better known as an ambient musician. But as far as the acting goes in the film, most of the actors were exceptional, except for Lucinda Dooling, who plays Lenora. Even though she is quite pretty, she has to be one of the worst actresses that I’ve ever seen. Also, the scenes where she is driving her car are just too long as well.

Two other things not in the film that I wanted to point out though is the fact that the year that this film shows here on IMDb is wrong. It says 1984, and the release date is 1986. At the end credits of the film, it specifically says 1981. Also the picture thats on here on the title page. Its for the film, “The House on Sorority Row”, which you can specifically read in the picture.

Not too bad of a story but “The Alchemist” could have been a whole lot better if there had been more of a budget.

The rating that I will give for the general public will be 4/10 but because my nickname has been “Alchemie” for over 15 years, I am very biased with my own rating: 7/10


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