Bitch Magazine’s Horror Show

Bitch Magazine’s media site has started a series on women in horror movies. Their first two entries are by web site editor Kelsey Wallace and Ax Wound zine creator Hannah Neurotica, respectively. Hannah’s entry starts like so:

“The conventional wisdom is that women don’t want to be scared—or enjoy scary movies only insofar as the terror gives them the opportunity to snuggle up to male companions, as Entertainment Weekly pointed out in a 2009 piece. This strikes me as bizarre. Women bleed, after all, regularly and sometimes very heavily. We push human beings out of our bodies. We deal with constant threats to our safety. So it only makes sense that women can portray fear, terror, and gore onscreen in ways only those who’ve experiences it up close and personal can. ”

Speak it, sister.

Oh, and they’re giving away a copy of The Exorcist for the best comment, so there’s that.


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