A sad aside from the regularly scheduled programming…

Greetings, Bitch House readers;

This is the sort of post no one wants to write, and one that is unfortunately long overdue. My sincere apologies. On January 4th, 2010, we lost one of our own. Jennifer Scanlan Mudrick, known to many as SunnyJ, passed away after losing a battle against liver failure. She was one of the key contributors for our podcasts, and a beloved member of our horror community.

None of us here got to meet her face to face, and for that, I am truly saddened and almost jealous of those who knew her ‘in real life.’ Her voice – which reminded many of Annie Potts’s voice – was one of great warmth and passion for the genre and despite her long bout with a variety of medical issues, she was enthusiastic to participate in this project. She was truly one of the kindest people to grace us with her presence, and her absence from future podcasts and posts will be greatly noticed and missed.

Our thoughts go out to Jenn’s family and loved ones at this time.

From here, we continue on, even though the wind in our sails has eased off a bit. We have regrouped and the podcasts will return. This project continues on in her honor and memory.

Rest in peace, sweet, sunny Jennifer. We love you.


One Response to “A sad aside from the regularly scheduled programming…”

  1. well put, anna.

    rest in peace jenn. ❤

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