Dreams in the Bitch House Podcast: Episode 002

The second of our podcasts is now live. Again, it’s a free-form discussion ranging from female horror icons to Halloween to bodily functions. Again, there’s salty sailor talk throughout, so caveat emptor.

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One Response to “Dreams in the Bitch House Podcast: Episode 002”

  1. I think while listening to this I was better able to articulate some of my thoughts about cinematic “misogyny”. For instance, I agree that I Spit On Your Grave and Last House on the Left (and also Martyrs) don’t ring my warning bell like Deadgirl or Bloodsucking Freaks does. And I think the difference is that while all of those films feature violence against women (and what horror movie doesn’t, really, except for maybe Carpenter’s The Thing?), the former three don’t seem to hate women, whereas the latter pair do.

    We’ll see about future podcast participation. I’m not just self-conscious about my voice…I’m not sure I can keep up with you folks. You ladies know your stuff!

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