Podcast Episode 1: Dissing Spielberg, Launching F-bombs.

Here’s the first episode of the Dreams in the Bitch House (formerly the Horror Chick Mafia–don’t ask) podcast, in which we aimlessly wander among topics like crappy movie trailers, the decline of Steven Spielberg, quickie serial killer movies, and the state of the IMDB message boards, where all of us met.

In this episode:
Christianne Benedict
Fawn Krisenthia
Jennifer Mudrick
Anna McKibben

Warning: we indulge in some salty sailor talk, so caveat emptor.


4 Responses to “Podcast Episode 1: Dissing Spielberg, Launching F-bombs.”

  1. hannahneurotica Says:

    hey ladies, i make a feminist horror zine called ax wound– we should connect!!


    hearts & butcher knives, hannah xoxoxoxooxo

    • Hannah!

      Hello there! I’ll definitely pass your links along to the rest of the ladies here for further perusal. We’re just getting started here, so the more connecting and networking we can do right away, the better.

      Thanks a million;

  2. andreayates Says:


    Hola Fawn!

  3. Krisenthia Says:

    Hey Dan!!! Miss you guys! Come to Austin.

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