Hello world!

Welcome to Dreams in the Bitch House, a collaborative blog by a group of women who met on the internet, united by their love of horror. Mainly, we’re in this for fun.


9 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. EllenRipley112 Says:

    This is a test. :-p

  2. krisenthia Says:

    i like the color scheme! and this is also test.

  3. dragoncomet00 Says:

    Uhm, I feel like a n00b LOL

  4. Me too. Well, to this I am, but really looking forward to learning. I also love the color scheme.

  5. dragoncomet00 Says:

    Yeah, the color scheme is perfect! Love the podcast! Wishing I could hear all of it or more of it or something!

  6. finally in the game over here! *waves hi to all the ladies* hello ladies!

  7. I love lamp.

  8. OH SNAP.

  9. talia wilson Says:

    Can I join?
    I’m a female, I love horror…I’ll be happy to call myself noob!

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